Transform through design


Satisfaction and exhaustion! These are, most of the times, the feelings we have when the property renovation is completed. What if we can eliminate exhaustion from this process and get precious time for you and your family? What if these works can be done based on a project issued by talented architects and designers and carefully accomplished by builders? What if, once done, all this will increase the trading value of your property?

With REALT Concierge it is possible!


From design, placement of the furniture pieces and up to a thorough cleaning, a slight renovation of the property and a set of professional photos, all these are important elements that will make your property remarkable.


Time is a valuable asset. A property that is well prepared for listing will always attract the attention of clients ready to buy / rent and ready to enjoy the new home immediately. 


The market value of a property always remains an important milestone, but the emotion generated by the property can make the paid price sometimes inexplicable. A property ready for listing will always be the one for which the paid price will be higher.

Transform through design
Transform through design
Transform through design
Transform through design
Transform through design
Transform through design

Aligned to your budget and ambitions, and under the careful monitoring of the REALT project manager, our teams of architects, designers and builders will transform your property through clear / verifiable actions such as: modernization, redesign of the interior and exterior space, hygiene and general cleaning, interior wall painting, floor repairs, removal / replacement of tiles and / or tiles, lighting fixtures, electrical / sanitary / HVAC installation, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, refurbishment and other over 30 services.

Renovations have never been easier. Beautiful moves. Aim high.

Looking for Inspiration?


A dedicated Agent - Project manager will be with you to inspect the property. Using his experience and your ambitions, you will establish together the optimal works to be done and the necessary budget to be allocated in order to increase your property yield. The touch of a designer could make your property to stand out; you will receive photo-realistic simulation of your property once the property is finalised, the list of necessary materials, as well as details about the start and the end of execution.

Costs related to the design project, labor in terms of construction and refurbishments works, construction material, finishes, pieces of furniture and decorations are covered by the owner.

In the end, the property is professionally photographed and promoted in REALT network.


The Most Beautiful Properties?


The coordination by REALT of the project is performed (i) without commission, if later, for the listing (for sale, rent) of the property, the Exclusive Representation with REALT is chosen or (ii) with a commission 20% of the budget allocated to the project if choose real estate Mediation with REALT or non-listing