Property Management

Property Management

Get more from your property!

You want to manage the cost and performance of your real estate portfolio? Then use our integrated property management services. Either you are an individual person or represent a company, we transform the way you manage, use or invest in your properties.

Comfortable, well-maintained property leads to low fluctuation of tenants, reduced vacancy and ultimately joy.

Our team and network of trusted care providers will operate the property and will help you save time and money.

REALT Property Management is Your Choice!


REALT provides you with an Inspector who verifies the general condition of the property and the correct operation of the existing installations and equipment. The inspection of the property is mandatory when taking over the real estate in administration. As the case may be, the inspection is repeated during the rental contract. The conclusions of the inspection and the recommendations of the REALT inspector are communicated to the owner, in writing.



We use the REALT network and experience created in over 10 years of market presence to identify the best tenants for you. We prepare the property for rent and we manage its delivery / takeover. A designated person from our company (relationship manager) will ensure the fluency of communication with both the landlord and the tenant, will respond to the tenant's requests, will keep in touch and coordinate the intervention team and will provide the landlord with information / reports every two months / quarterly with regarding the status of the property and the interventions carried out (if applicable).



An well-prepared documentation [(documents necessary for renting (drafting and negotiating the clauses of the Lease Agreement in relation to the Beneficiary and the tenant) and registering them with ANAF (preparing the file and taking the necessary steps)] is an extremely important element for cost optimisation. We follow the signing and observance of the contract by the parties. We fulfill the obligations of the landlord in relation to the tenant, we prepare notifications and, as the case may be, we evacuate the bad-paying tenants.



We carefully monitor cash flows (rent collection and making / tracking payments related to utilities) and property [periodic visits (at least once every 2 months), solving unexpected technical problems (interventions in the amount of 200 RON / intervention / month are included in administration fee), annual reviews on facilities and facility management - cleaning, rodent control, desinsection - administration fee includes 1 (one) only such intervention, after the tenant leaves the space].



The fee for the service package described above is 15% ​​of the monthly rent, but not less than 100 euros / month / property.

Using the REALT property management service, you will benefit of 20% discount applied for the real estate brokerage fee (for each new lease after the first year).

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