First Section – Privacy Policy

First Chapter

SC BLACK CAT REAL ESTATE (REALT Real Estate Agency) in its privacy policy and as author/owner/administrator of the website www.realt.ro is very cautious about:

a) how your information is collected when you surf our websites and enter information about yourself;

b) how this information is used and shared with others.

This notice describes our privacy policy.


This Privacy Statement may be subject to change without notice. This notice will still govern your use of our services and it is your responsibility to review them for any occurring changes.

We receive and store any information you enter on our Website or give us in any other way for:

a) responding to your requests;

b) improving our website;

c) customise future services for you;

d) communicate with you for special offers, related marketing information and activities and to grant you access to limited sections on our website.

Second Chapter

We use the so-called “cookies” and obtain certain type of information when your Web browser accesses our services, acquiring temporarily your personal data in order to improve the security of our website and in order to improve usage of the website.

In various sections of our website there are hyperlinks to help you send us an e-mail. Your e-mail address is used to send you a reply and your message will be stored for future reference in case you decide to contact us again. Your provided e-mail address and name will go directly into our business contact database and SC BLACK CAT REAL ESTATE (REALT Real Estate Agency) will use them exclusively for getting in contact with you.

SC BLACK CAT REAL ESTATE (REALT Real Estate Agency) can exchange information to other organisations if this is required by law or in case of:

(a) compliance with legal consequences;

(b) protecting the property rights of SC BLACK CAT REAL ESTATE (REALT Real Estate Agency) and our website or

(c) serving urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of employees, users of products or services, or public persons. When we are asked or allowed to exchange personal data we will only use the necessary data, not the entire information.

Second Section – Privacy Policy

First Chapter

SC BLACK CAT REAL ESTATE (REALT Real Estate Agency) will not sell, exchange or rent the personal data entered through this website to other users.

SC BLACK CAT REAL ESTATE (REALT Real Estate Agency) is using security technologies as well as privacy policies and procedures that are applied to all their employees. This includes audit in order to protect personal data collected through our website according to the law.

Our website can contain links to other websites beside SC BLACK CAT REAL ESTATE (REALT Real Estate Agency) control, websites that you may find useful. If you access any of this links, their privacy policy may be different from ours.

Second Chapter

Our Privacy Policy is according with the law. In case of any litigations we will first try a friendly settlement within 30 days from its registration at the agency. If we cannot reach an agreement in the time frame specified above, a competent court will be considered.

If you choose to visit our website and use our services in any way, your visit and any dispute over privacy is subject to this Privacy Statement and our Conditions of Use. This includes limitations on damages, arbitration of disputes, and application of the law of the state of Romania.

Our business changes constantly. This Privacy Statement and the Conditions of use will change too. The use of information that we gather now is subject to the Privacy Statement in effect at the time of use. You should check our Web site frequently to see any new changes.