MUZE - More than inspiration. Your Choice!

Beautiful properties, passion and lots of quality information; this is our promise for you as regards MUZE Magazine. With support from our specialist (architects, interior designers, builders) and highlighting (fonce again) the beautiful properties (in central and northern Bucharest) we proudly promote, we will write about the history of living spaces, trends in interior design, ways of arranging large and small spaces, chromatic arrangements, older and newer construction elements and more. We will dedicate each issue to a topic that we consider interesting and we invite you to help us with topics of your interest.




Real estate is about long-term partnerships, authenticity and emotion. Quality interactions and value added brought us together, as partners, and the authenticity and emotion will keep us together. We have always felt that innovation, efficiency, fluent communication and safety in everything we do, will help us overcome any challenge.

Our campaigns are about us, you and all of the above.