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Stronger. Smarter. Easier. Gavriliu Imobiliare became REALT.

We leverage 10 years+ of top-tier expertise in real estate, sales, banking, financing and management to deliver a lifestyle that elevates you. We are fuelled by innovation and empathy, our work is rooted in trust and fidelity to the truth; client service is our craft.

We have shifted our focus from sell to solve. REALT means REINVENTED real estate services. 

Our one-stop-shop approach is defined by our extensive product & service offerings and broad agent capabilities. REALT means stronger team (REALTOR(s), builders, architects, project managers), intelligent and complex approach over the real estate services (Real Estate Agency, Property Management, Transform through design, Advisory, free, exclusive guides & market insights which to help you trade real estate in Romania), ease and efficiency in communication.

Beautiful Moves and we encourage you to achieve your ambitions.

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Our History

Our History

REALT, formerly known as Gavriliu Imobiliare, began in 2008 with a vision to offer more than just beautiful homes.

We empowered people and companies to pursue and achieve their ambitions, and we did the same. We learned constantly, we evolved, we took near us people with vast experience, we integrated a comprehensive suite of real estate services into our operations and we underwent an extensive rebranding to sustain all these. We would like to thank you to all people that were part of Gavriliu Imobiliare team and especially to our friends: Florin Lungu, Ramona Ailioaei, Mihai Tudora.

Now, REALT is Your Choice in premium and luxury real estate.

Our team thrives to anticipate, meet and exceed client expectations, while pushing for the values that bind us together: respect, truth, empathy, responsibility and the joy we take from doing right by our clients, staff and community.

RESPECT: In our words and actions, we hold up a profound sense of respect. We respect each individual we work with; we respect one another on REALT team, and also our competitors.

TRUTH: Honesty is in our nature. We cultivate skin-deep client-agent trust, always putting your needs at the heart of our success.

EMPATHY: REALT is uniquely positioned to serve. Let us build a real estate campaign that kindly embraces and reflects your unique story, objectives and family makeup.

RESPONSIBILITY: Real estate holds the power to change lives. Everyone on REALT team has the responsibility to live up to our values and handle our clients’ assets with the stewardship they deserve. We embrace complicated projects, take ownership, adjust, and push forward.

JOY: Amid the challenges inherent to any real estate transaction, let us be joyful. We are privileged to guide our clients on their most important journeys – of building families, filling homes with love, securing future generations’ financial freedom. 

Our Team

Cristina Stoianovici

Cristina Stoianovici

As an Executive Partner, CEO of REALT, Cristina's role Cristina’s job is to drive growth for our brand, ensuring the unity of our team and the permanent consulting provided to clients. Her experience across real estate | REALTOR (NAR License no: B-0285), legal advice, financing services - banking and management, combined with loyalty and her character make her a true partner.


"Common values ​​have brought us together. Permanent communication is not approaching. The added value given to others is this to our services. " 0724.263.220
Anca Boghiu

Anca Boghiu

Building a positive culture, inside and outside our organization, is a long-term commitment, which, both as a partner and as an agent | REALTOR (NAR License no. B-0394), Anca has assumed and the process of doing so strengthens us as a team and distinguishes us as an organization. Anca coordinates, as Director, the REALT Real Estate Agency team.

"Empathy, meeting customers needs and experience creates without any doubt partnerships." 0723.502.582
Mihaela Sandu

Mihaela Sandu

As Investments & developers Director, Mihaela's goal is to find the optimal solution and turn any story into a win-win experience. The communication skills, experience gained in sales, real estate | REALTOR (NAR License no. B-0403), and teamwork combined with integrity, perseverance and optimism make this process a memorable and harmonious one.

"Every person and property is unique. Sometimes you succeed ... other times you learn." 0766.744.491
Andrei Stoianovici

Andrei Stoianovici

Accuracy, expertise and over 10 years of experience in the field, passion and a lot of creativity. These are just some of the qualities that recommend Andrei as coordinator of the design team - REALT Concierge. Andrei graduated Ion Mincu Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism – promotion 2004; in the center of his activity he has the relationship with clients (consulting), spaces’ transformation and value. 

"Art, in all its forms, moves me." 0724.239.670
Laurentiu Popa

Laurentiu Popa

Our construction team has in the center of its activity the attention paid to details. They are with us and you to turn all our dreams into reality. At the same time, they are the ones who optimize the costs of owning a property, protecting it with REALT - Administration. Laurentiu coordinates this team. His experience in the field of construction and financial-banking, both in Romania and abroad, makes the process and communication simple and efficient.  

"Resistance over time, attention to detail and exceptional execution is what defines our work." 0723.799.424
Octavian Rosca

Octavian Rosca

Communication and related processes are often used as attributes of what an organisation is representing. A clear delimitation between the two dimensions, meaning what the customers wants and what we can offer, must be based on a dialogue that to define and improve us as people. Octavian, as Director of Communication and Marketing, reuses a daily contribution to maintaining the link between the two dimensions.    


"The philosophy of an efficient dialogue can only result from the fairness of interest and the quality of stakeholders." 0763.605.700
Irina Padureanu

Irina Padureanu

Irina is our youngest member and due to her team and volunteer spirit, she acquired communication, patience and empathy skills. She likes to work with people, actively listen and understand their needs. Even if she is at the beginning of the road, all the most important things above create the premises for a successful real estate Broker.    


"I consider home is being more than an asset; it is a place where we take care of each other, we feel safe and comfy and we can change the respective place into home. It is my aim to help you find that place called Home." 0759.535.987

The REALT Difference.

Why we have established a decade-old reputation of trusted agency in northern Bucharest and why you’ll love working with us?



Deep expertise & innovative tools allow us to advertise and successfully trade your real estate property faster and at a higher price. Our service begins well before the actual transaction with an array of integrated services designed to help you maximise profit and satisfaction and minimise effort, cost and time.


We always deliver exceptional services to individuals and businesses. It’s who we are.



In a crowded world, beauty always hits a responsive chord. Tap into REALT real estate agency’s exquisitely curated real estate portfolio, Your Very Best of Bucharest™ or let us transform your property with REALT Concierge. Keep your tenants happy with REAL Property Management or just use the power of being informed with REALT Advisory. Beautiful moves.

You and your property will move hearts. 



Beyond the beautiful properties, the lasting bonds and the personal touch of our agents, REALT guides you to places that expand who you are. We use technology to reinvent the way you trade & manage buildings and we measure the impact of our work, making your real estate experience more convenient, safe, and pleasant.


We are here for you.


For me the business relationship with your company was a very pleasant surprise, characterized by high professionalism. The speed of solving the problem was out of the ordinary, in the best sense. If any similar situation arises, I will definitely call on your company. Thank you for your very good cooperation!

Sorin G. Engineer

It was for me a rather diffical decision to hand over the sale of our apartment and after many weeks of "browsing" the internet I knew you are the perfect chioce. I knew exactly what I wanted to avoid: un-dialed phones from a bunch of agents and / or potential customers and viewers over viewers. I was looking for someone who understood very well the concept of exclusivity as I met in countries where I had the chance to travel and live for certain periods of time. In a Romanian society, unfortunately marked by superficiality, your site was an extraordinary surprise! From the first click you see that you are "different". I thank Cristina Stoianovici for accepting our apartment in the portfolio, although it does not fit in the areas promoted by the agency. I discovered a wonderful women, with a new and healthy mindset, who inspires your confidence, respect, professionalism. In less than two months and at the second viewing, without any stress, the apartment was traded. I recommend Gavriliu Imobiliare with all my love and I am glad that I have met people who in our country are doing the right things.

Roxana P. Journalist

I strongly recommend Gavriliu Imobiliare team for the professionalism confirmed in the transactions of two properties, both as buyer and seller. I have met people dedicated to their profession with skills beyond expectations, benefiting from a complete consultancy: real estate, banking and legal. I appreciate their tenacity and perseverance in identifying all the solutions necessary to successfully complete the requested transactions and to satisfy the requirements of the final beneficiary. With the best thoughts and confidence I will return to the Gavriliu Imobiliare team and in the future for consulting and services offered in the real estate field.

Razvan I. General Manager

With the help of REALT agency I sold in February 2020 an apartment in the center of Bucharest. A perfect collaboration, Mrs. Cristina S. being present throughout the entire process and ensuring an easy completion of the sale. Of course, we will stay in touch for other real estate projects, as I am sure any other person who has had the chance to collaborate with REALT or Cristina will do.

Marius L. Manager

I would definitely recommend Gavriliu Imobiliare as a partner in identification process of an apartment, especially for foreign citizens who have just arrived in Romania. Excellence in services, communication skills in English, professionalism and kindness recommend this team. The real estate brokers are available not only during the work schedule, but also are adapting to the client's needs. The offer is tailored to the needs and capabilities of the client. Setting up the meeting with the landlord, as well as the professional help offered at the signing of the lease agreement (important aspect if you are foreigner and do not know the law in force in Romania) are other pluses of the GI brokers. In case I’ll need it, I will ask for their support in the future. Best regards.

Thomasz R. Nato Employee

Through Mihaela Sandu, part of Garviliu Imobiliare team, I had an extremely efficient and pleasant experience in the process of identification and rental an apartment for job purpose.


Dr. Mihai H. Technical Manager

The professionalism, the accuracy of communication, the equidistant representation of the parties, the efficient and prompt coordination of the exchange of documents have led to the successful closing of the transaction in a framework of full of trust and satisfaction. 

Briefly, the most enjoyable real estate transaction experience of all those made or known so far.

Congratulations! Kind regards

Marius and Ioana E. Entrepreneurs

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